AR Helmets being developed by German Engineers for Pilots


After the news of the development of Helmets for divers of US Navy, German Engineers are planning to make Helmets based on AR for their pilots.

A recent research conducted at the Technical University of Munich had a number of researchers and engineers working on solutions for problems faced by Pilots. Limited visibility due to fluctuation weather conditions was the most common problem faced by the Pilots. Researchers of TUM are planning to implement AR to make helmets enhance the visibility of Pilots.

How do AR Helmets for Pilots work?

Engineers working on this project have stated that the pilot’s Helmets will be based on the Augmented Reality Technology.Exactly the same technique used for Flight Simulators will be implemented here. A combination of terror information and sensor readings will constitute the Head Mounted Display. Speed, altitude, and other flight data will also be displayed. Digital Glasses used in the helmet have the required information imported from the onboard computer is. The head- tracking system of is present on the display. This will ensure that the projections of the glass to Pilot’s eye are accurate.

A study including 16 Pilots conducted by TUM researchers was conducted. A study was conducted to ensure if the new system is actually beneficial. New head mounted display was also tested on a number of simulator flights.According to a new study, it was revealed that the pilots could now fly more quickly and felt safer with less physical and mental stress. Fighter Pilots will also have an advantage of getting the display as special outlines. For Example, green for mountains and houses and red outline for obstructions. The visual of these helmets range from 100 to 400 meters which are the greatest benefit of this system.

According to Electronics 360, these helmets can be used on a day-to-day basis once developed. Keep Reading this space to learn more about such developments in the field of AR.


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