AR based payment app developed by VISA Europe


An innovative app has been developed by VISA Europe Collab, a part of VISA Europe’s innovation hub with the help of visual discovery and by teaming up with Blippar to introduce and promote augmented reality through payments. Blippar is the most advanced augmented reality app in the field of visual discovery.  VISA Europe’s new technology was unveiled recently at a fashion show in London by enabling the purchase of garments immediately from the models.

House of Holland is the fashion brand used for the promotion of this new discovery. House of Holland’s menswear use of Holland will witness the testing of the new AR based Payment technology. VISA Europe has revealed that it will be available on a larger scale by the end of this year after testing and made capable of helping the larger population.

You can download the app from Google Play Store once it has been made available to the public.

Working of the app

Integration of online and offline shopping experiences will lead the advanced AR technology to  recognize an item of interest and help the user complete the transaction right there immediately. Here’s how to use the app to purchase any item-

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Hold the device at the item.
  3. Tap on the screen and wait till the device recognizes the item.
  4. Pre-registered purchase, debit card, and credit card will be the three options provided by to help the user purchase the particular item.

This innovation payment solution has yet again proved that any mainstream practice like fashion and retail can be brought together with the help of technology at a proof-of-concept show. The co-founder of VISA Europe Collab told the media that in the near future this app can be of great help and will be of immense popularity. You can just launch the app and hold the device at any item you like and purchase it on the spot in spite of its unknown source. For Example, you can just hold the device after launching the app at your friend’s shoes and you will be provided with options to purchase it and the next day same shoes will be at your doorstep, all new from the store your friend purchased it from.

With the introduction of this app, hopes on Augmented Reality has been increased and much more such apps are expected to be developed soon. This news was reported earlier by Banking Technology

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