Ark Park, a game-based VR theme park, will be a reality


In one of the firsts, ‘Ark: Survival Evolved‘ a multiplayer PC-game will inspire a Jurassic Park-like theme park by Snail Games. Snail Games has just acquired the IP for this popular game. They are now gearing up to change it into VR experience for the Ark and dinosaur lovers, dubbed ‘Ark Park’.

Ark Park will be educative, unlike the original game

This VR theme park, unlike the game ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’, will aim to educate the public about the Jurassic era. Snail Games, who previously launched VR content for mobile, now believes that this could be a massive hit among the people with its unique experience.

The original game ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ revolves around maneuvering through great visual depiction of a jungle infested with dinosaurs, befriending them and handling opponents. Even if it does have VR support via Oculus Rift, the game isn’t exactly built around the concept.

Snail Games further told that the game experience will be more of multiplayer.That means you can share the gameplay with your friends. You will be able to go for sightseeing, maneuvering through the park and learn from it. Unlike the original game, Snail Games aim to make it educational and purposeful.

If the multiplayer game becomes seamless, you will actually feel going for a picnic to a dinosaur zoo. It will also have a comprehensive weather system and day/night cycle to make it realistic as possible. Maglev and jeeps will be another added feature to help you travel the length and breadth of the park

If Ark Park becomes successful, it will set precedence for upcoming projects. VR theme park based on games could prompt a legion of fans towards the popularity of the game. VR is already set to make waves in the industry. Used wisely, it could change the whole experience of how we perceive and experience visuals. Ark Park is surely an ambitious project, but a new milestone for VR experience overall.


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