BBC Earth collaborates with Oculus to recreate wildlife in VR


Wildlife enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice now. Oculus VR and BBC Earth are coming together to create an amazing wildife VR content. Oculus VR is one of the most popular names in the VR world thanks to their amazing headsets. BBC Earth is BBC’s natural history channel who partnered with Oculus VR for this collaboration.

Now the wildlife enthusiasts could experience the lives of wild animals in an immersive medium. BBC Earth have decided to cover three animals as of now: Black Bears, Caracal Cat and Oogpister Beetle. The content will be released on both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear platforms. It is slated to release this January and will be free to download for three more months.

About the BBC’s new VR venture

The VR content slated to be released are named Cat Flight, Oogie and Bear island. in Cat Flight you would be able to visualise the intricacies of a Caracal cat’s leap. Using CGI and 360 degree video, you could pause at exact moment to see the predator’s preying instincts.

Oogie is an interesting take on the beetle’s life. Furthermore, the life of the beetle is converted into a game where the visuals are directly based on BBC Earth’s footages. So your objective will be to guide the beetle through all the obstacles into safety.

Bear Island is another immersive content where you would follow the Black Bears’ daily lives. You will follow them through the Alaskan rivers as they go on with their daily activities of feeding and sheltering themselves.

This is a great step by the BBC Worldwide and it is the first VR venture. Wildlife is a good start because the rich visuals coupled with exotic places around the world is sure to delight many. So, we expect more collaborations and partnerships from different channels and VR developers in the near future. Till then ,let us immerse ourselves into the wonderful lives of these creatures.



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