Destinations- Tool to create individual VR Worlds released by Valve


Designers can now create and share VR “Destinations” that translates real-world photos into a 3D environment and makes it interactive.

About “Destinations”

This software will be available from June 9th and supports HTC Vive as well as Oculus Rift. It will be available under the “Early Access” scheme of Gaming platform. It is built around Valve’s Source 2 engine toolset and other photogrammetry assets are used  to translate real-world photos into an interactive 3D environment. “Destinations” is a free tool that can be played on any open  VR Headset and also supports the Steam controller.

destinations vr worlds

To make the user understand how it works, documentation and a starter map are provided along with it. Since the intention of Valve is to promote and increase the number of users across the globes, tutorials will also be provided to help the users learn better and create their own content. This makes the user learn how to transform their creation into an interactive 3D environment. The tool includes an English Churchyard, a pile of popcorn and “curiosity” over mars based on images from NASA as seen on photos taken from an iPhone 6S.

The beta version of “Destination” includes the same tools that can be utilized by HTC Vive users and DOTA 2 Players. This is mainly used to create custom games. Based on photos taken from an iPhone 6S, the tool includes an English Churchyard, a close-up encounter with a pile of popcorn and clear cut curiosity over mars based on images from NASA.

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According to Tom Bui, a valve programmer, the end goal is to encourage more and more VR designers to create more content and share them on VR platform. He also confirmed that many such tools will be created to enhance VR experience in the near future. Keep reading this space to learn more of such VR tools.

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