How can we improve VR devices ?


The other day I was watching TVF pitchers, I was mesmerized by a dialogue a character says “Our surroundings is full of art that epitomizes human perseverance and skill”. The context of it was that we humans always strive to make stuff better and improvise. When it comes to Virtual reality, we have seen many complaints on how virtual reality devices are so inconvenient. Here in this post, we are going to look at some ideas that will improve the devices and change the way we wear and experience Virtual reality devices.

Let go of the cable

When playing games or some immersive work, it is very difficult to concentrate on the task when there is an annoying cable on the path. MIT researchers recently created a system called MoVR that can stream large amounts of data wirelessly. Till recently it was thought that it was not possible to transmit gigabytes of data when uncompressed. Existing wifi systems don’t support that much data transfer but the caveat with this is that it is not possible to attain such upload speeds even in a developed country like in the US let alone India. Internet in India is still in a nascent stage and even 4G speeds rarely exceed 5Mb/sec in real usage. So it would definitely take some time for the technology to be widely adopted.

Make the device lighter and aesthetic

People love elegant devices. In the book “Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, Steve was maniacally obsessed with design and style. He made Jonathan Ive, a design artist in profession one of the key leaders in Apple. People think cost is the most important factor in deciding what we buy but it is not. Our brain is still primate in many aspects, so it is time companies realize this.

Make it conserve data

This problem persists not only in developing countries but also across the sphere. When VR devices consume a huge amount of internet data, it may discourage users as data still costs much all over the world. These devices usually send the data to a cloud server which then send the response back. The huge amounts of data involved between does burn a hole in the pockets of many.

In conclusion, Companies should watch out for these factors to improve Virtual reality devices and make it attractive to all and worth their buck.


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