Kopin introduces OLED ‘microdisplay’ dubbed Lightning


Technology seems to have one big aim that most of us are baffled with. It is to get smaller and thinner as the years pass by. First our PC, then our music players and now our smartphones, it is unstoppable. In this circus how could VR be left behind? Kopin, a display manufacturer company has announced an eye-popping design to take VR to the next level.

About the new Kopin’s microdisplay ‘Lightning’

Kopin’s latest venture consists of a tiny, high resolution OLED ‘microdisplay‘. This is designed specifically for your regular VR headsets in bid to reduce is size and weight. This ‘microdisplay’ could open the doors for the next generation VR hardware in a potentially weightless and lighter form. With tech’s obsession to go sleeker, Kopin’s invention will surely catch up with the VR fraternity swiftly.

Kopin’s outreach to VR is not surprising. The famous display manufacturers had to get into the visual-intensive VR world. The debutant is dubbed as ‘Lightning’. Its specs include a 2048×2048 pixel resolution (our regular displays mostly extend to 1028 pixels). Additionally it has a splendid 120Hz refresh rate and a compact size of 1 inch diagonal.

Due to its small size, it boasts of low power consumption, low heat dissipation, and a low refresh latency of 10 microseconds. And what more can you expect? Kopin combined this with their own patented optics called ‘Pantile’. This has a form factor of that of a thick pair of glasses, all of which can give a 90 degree field of view!

This is not all to the Kopin’s great leap to the VR-kind. According to John Fan, the CEO, ‘Lightining’ has a manufacturing cost of a decent 50$/panel. We can expect a monstrous resolution of 3k x 3k. So if you are still satisfied with 1080 x 1200 per eye resolution of the current headsets, then you sold yourself short. So now let’s wait and literally watch as Kopin pushes our VR headsets to an altogether different level.


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