Leicester Walmart welcomes Virtual Reality Training


Virtual Reality has now become an inevitable entity of mankind. May it be gaming, entertainment or education, Virtual Reality makes it 100 times more effective and the experience amazing. The Walmart of Leicester has decided upon training the staff with Virtual Reality. Read on to know more about Virtual Reality Training at Leicester’s Walmart

Virtual Reality Training adopted by Leicester’s Walmart

Virtual Reality Training

Over the last two years, Walmart has spent around $2.7 Billion, just over the training and for the purpose of the associate’s higher wages and education. Also, Leadership skills, retail skills, and many more skills necessary in terms of running an individual department are the major training parts of the Walmart Academy Training program. Furthermore, the curriculum of the training is designed as per the changing requirements of the customers and for the betterment of the staff. Meanwhile, have a sneak peek into training with Virtual Reality here.

John J. Ethier is the academy manager of Leicester’s Walmart training center. Here’s what he had to say about training with Virtual Reality.  “What it does is actually allows us to train associates for something that happens once a year. We can teach them 365 days and prepare them for the hustle, including the holiday rush, and disruptions. I think it is a great type of technology, to put somebody in a situation they are not always in and how to prepare to act on what to do in that situation. It is a new technology that gives us the benefits of actually being somewhere and not being there.”

Also, the news about Leicester’s Walmart adopting Virtual Reality training was reported by The Telegram. Keep reading this space to stay updated about VR training for Walmart. Meanwhile, you can also read about the Top Virtual Reality Training Centers in India.

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