Microsoft aims at replacing AR/VR with Mixed Reality


In an earlier post, we had read about Mixed Reality. After all the recent buzz there has been about MR, Microsoft has planned to take a step towards this new technology. As known, Microsoft had refused to term Hololens as ‘VR Headsets’. One of the reasons was that Hololens is a Mixed Reality Device. The inventor of this device, Alex Kipman also told that “These are not separate concepts. These are just labels for different points on the mixed reality continuum. This is why, to simplify things, we call all of it ‘Windows Mixed Reality.” Microsoft now plans on replacing AR/VR with Mixed Reality.

Replacing AR/VR with MR

Microsoft to now focus more on Mixed Reality by replacing AR/VR

Microsoft believes that Mixed Reality is the future of computing. According to Alex Kipman, Windows 10 is the only system that has been created specifically for Mixed Reality devices. Alex also hinted about the next big update for Windows 10. This update is expected to showcase the magic of Mixed Reality to the world. Earlier Microsoft was pushed back when the era of smartphones emerged. Now, Microsoft is leading the pack in the race for implementing innovative technologies. Recently, Microsoft unveiled about Mixed Reality Headsets and Motion controllers. This device is all set to hit the market in the later part of this year priced at $399.

With internal sensors and hand tracking movements, the new MR motion controllers are proved to be efficient. Hololens is already being used by NASA’s US Space agency to simulate walking on Mars. Furthermore, it is also being used by a Japan Airline to train aircraft mechanics. As a result, the cost overhead of a real jet purchase has been reduced. Therefore, with the motion controllers entering the market we can expect it to be applied to a wide variety.


Keep reading this space to stay updated about Microsoft’s plans for Mixed Reality. Meanwhile, you can also read about Top Mixed Reality companies of the world.




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