Can mixed reality be used to enhance the way we view ads?


Humans have always flirted with the idea of mixed reality. From the renaissance artists to the Hindu epic “Mahabharata”, artists have created works that cheat our eye. Cutting to the present age, companies have always struggled to create ads that appeal to its target segment. Google as much as it likes to call itself a technology pioneer still makes the bulk of its revenues from its ads. So does Facebook and so does the majority of the internet companies.

So why is mixed reality increasingly being adopted?

Humans are visual creatures. The most important rule in marketing is that emotions sell. As much as we claim to be the most evolutionary advanced species on the planet, we are still a primal being. Mixed reality can make the viewer experience the product.  He can touch the product, feel it and cherish the nuances of it. Not many would admit it, but the truth is almost every new age company would try to sell ads in the least annoying way possible. I am not claiming that mixed reality is the elixir to all the problems. But adopting mixed reality can be a win-win situation for all the parties involved.



There is a thing called a first movers advantage

I am no marketing expert, but pioneering companies have a huge advantage over the competitors. The reason why Berkshire Hathaway and Walmart don’t gain the same respect as Google or Apple is because they are boring. By boring, I mean they don’t create revolutionary products. Capitalizing on the existing products may increase the quarterly earnings but it will not increase the companies PR. Similarly, the companies who adopt mixed reality first will have a huge advantage over their competitors. Fortunately, a number of companies have taken the first step towards advertising in mixed reality.



Many people are increasingly having access to VR devices

With an increasing number of people having access to VR devices and data becoming cheaper. I expect this trend to continue. Your ad experience is indeed going to change.


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