Best modeling software for VR beginners


Modeling tools are plentiful in the market. They are used to create 2D or 3D drawings for your games or software, which will be further developed by a real-time engine. This is an essential step for developing your VR game/content, and an easy modeling software will ensure a great output.

Best modeling software in the market

Some of the desirable traits of modeling software includes powerful features and easy interface. Here are some top free modeling software you could choose from to start with, if you are new.  Note that the basics such as Adobe Photoshop can also perform the same tasks.


Blender is a powerful cross-platform software for your modeling needs. Most of the features here are free and you could go for animation and rendering in Blender too. This is an open-source software, so expect new changes most of the times in the software. Also, it has its own built-in real-time engine for further processes. Overall, Blender is great for absolute beginners not looking to juggle between multiple software.


Sculptris is another easy interface modeling software. The modeling involves mimicking clay modeling, so you can get as creative as you want. Even if its functionality is limited you can use it for detailed and precise designs. Overall, Sculptris is a great software for intermediate VR developers looking for more intricate modeling.

Wings 3D

Wings 3D is another great software for beginners. It is similar to the blender but, lacks support for animation. This is another open-source software so expect new developments very frequently. You have a customizable interface, support for lights and an auto-mapping facility too. Wings 3D also has a large community and tutorials which novice developers could benefit from. And the best part, it is free!

3D Crafter

Another modeling software exclusively for 3D modeling, 3D Crafter is the best for novice developers. Its easy interface and decent features are great, and this unique capability of drag-and-drop is very convenient. It also supports animation, which is great. So if you are looking for an exclusive 3D modeling software, this is your pick.

There are great options in the market, both free or of minimal cost. A great modeling software could make your work easier and improvisation will be easier. Hence, choose the best modeling software suiting your needs, and your design work will be sorted!


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