Nod and Pay; the VR way


Since the inception of Virtual Reality technology, it is exponentially racing in all the possible fields to establish its dominance. The very capability of VR to “con” the brain is amazing . Additionally, it is very well established the fact that people dream to realize their fantasies and VR is letting them do the same. Only this time, it befriends shopping and people just love shopping.

The Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba is all set to develop a payment method that will let shoppers pay simply by nodding. The payment method, namely VR pay aims to clarify the fact that Virtual reality can be one heck of a great tool than just a toy. With this intention, VR pay is expected to hit the market and blow away the minds of fanatic shopaholics by end of this year.


The system promises a wonderful and dreamy shopping experience in the premises of VR mall. At the same time, it also immensely takes cares of the security of shoppers. F lab, the designer and developer of VR pay for Alibaba are developing a unique biometric system that uses Voice Print technology. More specifically, the unique voice of the person will let him/her access their account which seems a much more convenient approach. Furthermore, the user will have to enter a password to confirm identity just by nodding.

A paradigm shift in shopping experience

Lin Feng, In-charge of ANT Financial incubator, F-lab is looking over the development of VR pay method. He feels taking off goggles for paying is pretty boring. Therefore, with unique VR pay, shoppers can pay while they are in the virtual realm without taking out their phone.


The objective of Alibaba is clear, to get the most out of the online marketplace. For that purpose, it has picked the finest and most loved technology available in the market, VR. Alibaba has already introduced Alipay; a facial recognition payment tech back in 2015.And the response has been astonishing. Interestingly, People in China are using Alipay for all sorts of payments. As a result of such a colossal success, Alibaba is certain about the success of VR pay.



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