Six cool apps to check out in VR/AR in Play store.


With the mainstreaming of augmented reality and virtual reality, developers have made a number of new apps to educate, entertain and fascinate the users. Here are some apps that you definitely need to check out-

Within VR


This app is sublime to get a slice of cinematic virtual reality. There is a medley of short movies, documentaries and standup comedies from a melange of sources. This app indeed gives you an immersive experience.

Full dive VR

few AR/VR apps

It is a virtual reality app which is used to browse 3D photos and videos. It is also possible to take your own VR photos, live-stream through Netflix and other streaming websites. This app has a million downloads in the Google Play store.


few VR apps

Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool and is used to get close to disparate environments ranging from marine ecosystem to space. Built for the classroom and small group use, Expeditions uses a collection of 360-degree images to teach the reader visually.

Titans of Space

This app works only with Google Cardboard. It is an app which lets you take a virtual tour of the various planets in the solar system and the pace at which the tour takes place can be controlled at the user end.

Google Arts & Culture

For all the history buffs out there, now you can visit museums by sitting comfortably seated on the couch, thanks to the free app for iOS and Android called Google Arts & Culture that probably boasts the most extensive works of art database accessible from a mobile device.The app allows you to explore all that can ‘be of interest to fans of art and history, from art cats since 200 BC to the red color abstract expression.

Anatomyou VR

Anatomyou VR is an immersive 3D-stereo app to learn human body’s anatomy focused in minimally invasive techniques. The app shows, using virtual immersive 3D navigation on a mobile device, the anatomical structures of various systems of the human body browsed at the minimally invasive procedures. It is possible to control the navigation seamlessly in the app.



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