What makes people skeptical of virtual reality?


Virtual reality is an emerging field, no doubt. But having said that there are quite a lot of things that need to be rectified if this field really wants to go mainstream. Here in this post, I am gonna list a few major hurdles in the virtual reality industry that seem to be bothering quite a lot of people.

Gadgets are not ergonomical

Having an Oculus rift or even a Samsung gear VR in front of you can cause quite a bit of inconvenience. People seem to experience dizziness and some people have even gone to the extent of saying it cause a bit of trauma. Companies need to focus their energies on solving this equation at the earnest. Honestly, most people would not like a screen very close to them. The companies can probably work on some projecting technology to distance the screen from the viewer.

Gadgets are expensive

Not literally, but VR gadgets indeed are really expensive for the mainstream customer to experience. Even the cheap models offered by Oculus rift is still out of reach for many. When the number of games and Apps in VR are not in abundance, it does not seem like an economical idea to buy a VR gadget. Companies should strive to bring more developers to develop apps and games on their platform. This will ensure VR gadgets will remain not only a geek’s hobby but a vital product used by the masses.

Gadgets are clumsy

A brick, when covered with a matte black color is still a brick. Ok, that is quite a bit of an exaggeration. But the design needs to be really improved if people need to find it trendy. For a product that wants to explore an imaginary environment, Style is really a big deal. The reason why people buy a Tommy Hilfiger is because they love the style. People are mammals after all. They want to show off the product to friends and acquaintances. This is why companies really need to improvise the design.

Over-reliance on gaming

Currently, Virtual reality derives its bulk of its profit from the gaming industry. If the industry really needs to expand to other sectors for it to thrive. If VR remains constrained to gaming, it will continue to be a niche irrespective of a number of investments on it.

In conclusion, VR needs to solve these problems for it to gain acceptance among the industry and masses alike.


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