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AffinityVR accepts any article related to AR and VR. The article submitted MUST BE ORIGINAL and exclusive to AffinityVR.

Article submissions have to be sent in as an email to

Due to large number of articles we receive, please do expect a short delay in publishing the submitted articles. Contributors are expected to submit an article after due diligence on the subject and at the same time disclose any kind of relationship one shares with the object/s mentioned in the article. Failure to do so will result in edits to the article to maintain the no-bias principle of the website.

The order of preference for the article is:

  • Original thought leadership in the field of AR/VR
  • Ideas in the field of AR/VR
  • Factual information about startups in the field of AR/VR
  • Factual information about Apps in AR/VR
  • Personal reviews about Apps catering to or devices used by AR/VR

Some of the standard practices that we follow at AffinityVR are:

  • Article with a minimum of 300 words
  • Article should have a cover image
  • Article should be completely original and exclusive