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EduRidge, India’s Youngest AR & VR Trainers.

Imagine an MBBS student in your Country. Her class is learning about muscles, but instead of watching a video or reading about it in a book, she can move a virtual arm and see an exposed bicep muscle contract. Are engines her thing? She can safely experiment with a virtual torque wrench in a mechanics class. It sounds powerful, doesn’t it? Not to mention effective. EduRidge has you covered!

Augmented and Virtual Reality has a huge scope and there’s a reason why every tech mogul is talking about it. AR & VR is that technology which is gradually picking a pace and will hit the market with no prior warning. Hence, preparing students and working professionals alike for this technology when the wave hits us is very important.

At EduRidge, these people have visioned the next few years ahead and have figured out that Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the tech world. A young team with a burning motivation sounds delicious right? Well, the folks down here have the mind right where its supposed to be – VR Training.

A little bit more about EduRidge –

EduRidge introduces you to the like-minded and dedicated group of ingenious thinkers who have a
 common belief and goal – “To pioneer and outsource Education according to the latest technologies 
and requirements of the corporate world. 
” We are a part of a company called, Archimaze  and run with the main aim to reach out to all the 
corners and areas and pool out the most incredible and proficient minds and talents as to
 acknowledge them, guide them and make them believe in the plenty of opportunities they can make 
use of and the potential they possess.
  “Our Mission is to enrich and impart deligent  Education in the most ideal and efficient way.
 Thus, the name EduRidge, Education and Ridge ( Peak ).” And our Vision is to, ” Create a superlative
 impact and have the consistent motto, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. “

And our aim is to revolutionise the concept of AR and VR and help students gain access to this dynamic
 future-oriented concept. It’s about contextualising the world and segmenting it for the future.  The AR
 and VR market is set to grow at a very fast rate in the next few years, especially as a result of the
 growth of virtual reality software (we’re talking about an increase of over 3,000%!).

And with members of millennials next in line to join the workforce and actively use its applications 
widely, growth in this realm is sure to be at warp speed.
Opportunities in this high-tech sector are only increasing dynamically  — and that’s no illusion!

ArchiMaze, one of the leading VR-oriented companies in Hyderabad, or we could say India, have taken EduRidge to be their training partner. And ask me what could have happened better? EduRidge’s young and student-based mindset along with the experience of a Maestro who’s been there for a while now is like a perfect match.

EduRidge, the training division for Archimaze is conducting VR Training, workshops and MasterClass sessions for noobs, amateurs, learners, hobbyists, coders, and pro alike.

Join in at EduRidge and get yourself enrolled for a Training which by many is considered the technology of tomorrow. Come down to ArchiMaze to take a demo or for business related inquiries.


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