Top Companies of the World implementing VR in Architecture


With all the buzz around about VR, we surely know about its contribution in the field of architecture. VR has been playing a major role in the field of architecture. A lot of companies are now implementing VR architecture, serving their clients across the globe.

Best Companies implementing VR and AR in Architecture

Here’s a list of the top companies that have been using VR in the field of architecture-


As we have read in an earlier post,  Archimaze is one of the Top VR Companies in India. This startup has been using VR for the architectural visualizations ever since the beginning. The company provides a range of specializations ranging from Engineering and training to Architectural visualizations and 3D Renderings. VR is implemented by Archimaze through their Walkthroughs and 3D Renderings. Here’s one of their real-time walkthroughs-


 implementing VR architecture

TruVisionVR is a company that has been implementing VR in architecture since a long time now. The company offers their customers a chance to design their space and layout including the extravagant package of furniture, flooring, decor, and lighting as well. The environments offered by the company can be experienced from a wide variety of headsets available in the market. Furthermore, VR Walkthroughs and 360-degree images and videos are also provided by TruVisionVR.

Iris VR

Iris VR is a company based out in the US. The company works on creating a suite of professional software. They let their customers visualize, edit and as well share their 3D models in VR as well as AR. Furthermore, the company’s products are built on a unique underlying engine. This engine uses 3D data to optimize interaction and real time viewing.


Merxius is one of India’ leading AR/VR company. The company has created a VR tool called RED- RealSim Editor. Any user with a 3D model can import this tool into their platform with just a click. As a result, the user can get into VR though this. Moreover, anyone from architecture, engineering and design sector can use this tool efficiently.

TEG Architects

TEG Architects is Indiana’s leading architecture design firm. The services provided by the company include every level of design, documentation, and construction with innovation. Moreover, the company focuses on accuracy, detail, dependability and responsiveness by setting standards exceeding expectation. Also, with the help of VR, the TEG architects make their customers feel what it feels like to be in their dream buildings which are yet to be built. Furthermore, this is done through walkthroughs and 3D renderings.


Insite VR

Insite VR has developed their app, considering multi-user presentations. The platform’s presentation enables the users to do much more than just impressing their clients with VR Experiences. The app unlocks the power to combine complex 3D ideas along with Virtual Reality. The app is very easy to use and very efficient when it comes to team projects, working off site. Furthermore, the multi-users can be teleported to a specific location and controlled at any moment. They can also explore the scene using their hand controller. The motive of the company is to facilitate multi-office collaboration on VR Projects.

Keep reading this space to stay updated about more companies implementing VR architecture. Meanwhile, you can also read about the use of VR in the field of Architecture.


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