Updated Blippar app lets you scan faces in real life


After Snapchat being the first Social AR Platform with its face recognition technology, many other apps are now following up. As known from earlier posts, Blippar is one of the top AR apps. This innovative app lets you discover the physical things around you. Face recognition technology is one of the key new features of the updated app. It has not only integrated this technology, but it also creates “AR Face Profiles”.

Blippar's update

Blippar’s Face Recognition and More

Blippar’s latest update scans the user’s face in person and printed photos as well. Furthermore, if you want to recognize a face on television, that’s now possible with Blippar. This feature successfully unlocks the profile only if there is an existing AR profile of the face. Prior to the launch, Blippar has created over 70,000 AR profiles of public figures. The next update of Blippar will let its users create their own AR Profile. Blippar’s selfie mode feature lets you do this.

When the profile gets displayed, an AR halo surrounds their head with all the necessary information. It also includes links to the detailed and complete information about the profile’s person. The other details include- “Celebrity look-alike”, favorite music, photos and the AR mood and aura. Furthermore, the face profiles can be configured to either public or private viewing.

Ambarish Mishra is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blippar. Here’s what he told the media when asked about the update- “Augmented Reality Face Profiles will change the way we communicate and express ourselves. Our face is our most expressive form of communication and with this release, we are allowing this to become digital for the first time. Our facial recognition technology combined with our knowledge graph enables people to express themselves through the things they love, including their hobbies, opinions, key fun facts, and so much more. This is a new, unique and fun way of showing who you are and of learning more about others.”


Earlier this year, Blippar had released its “Blipparsphere”. This was a visual browser that used machine learning to recognize real-world objects. Keep reading this space to stay updated about the app’s next big move.


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