US Navy Divers get Augmented Reality Helmets


Augmented Reality Helmets to keep the Naval Divers safe during Underwater mission, has been developed by the US Navy. Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) system was announced by the US  Navy earlier this month. DAVD is a high resolution see through Heads-Up-Display(HUD)  which aids the divers to see instrument readings and other data directly on the transparent display instead of looking down or lowering their eyes.

How do Augmented Reality Helmets help the Divers?

A number of Augmented reality devices are being developed. These Augmented Reality based equipment aim towards helping the US Navy divers get real-time information right from diagrams to messages. Through this, Divers can stay safe and work efficiently as well on their missions. They are helping by implementing  real-time operational data. According to the US Navy head, Instead if having pre-dive briefings divers can now help themselves with the new equipment that provides all the information required including the location. The information is displayed right in front of divers’ eyes more like a video game display.

The helmets can also be used underwate constructions or Salvage operations. The helmets will initially be used by the commercial diving community. These helmets are being worked upon and are scheduled to be tested in October for water simulation. In 2017, the helmets will be tested for field and dive commands according to the US Navy.

This news was first reported by Live Science.

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