Virtual Reality Training Centers in India

* UPDATE: Check this post for the updated VR training centers in India.

As the subject of VR is catching the interests of people across the globe, it makes sense for every techie to keep updated about this technology of the near future. Lots of companies including Facebook (through Oculus), Microsoft, HTC, and Sony are spending millions of dollars to research and develop products in the VR domain. Furthermore, these companies are spending time and money with an intention of producing world-class products like VR headsets. Therefore, this hardware is definitely the very important to experience VR but, would these products be bought unless there is enough and more content to experience VR using these products.

Content is something the techies can start creating for these products. Hence, keeping yourself updated about these VR related technologies are definitely going to pay you rewards in the very near future. As a result, luckily most of the big cities in India have one of more training centers dedicated to training techies to create content for these wonderful products.Virtual Reality Training Centers in India are more important for VR Growth in India

The list below indicates the different training centers by each city:


Archimaze has been one of the leading VR / AR research and development companies in India. The company has specialized in VR Architecture. Furthermore, the company has also been offering VR training past few years in Hyderabad.


FX School


Internet Academy


Virtual Infocom





Maac India

In the near future, there are a lot of VR Training centers that are to be set up. As a result, a number of these centers are expected to spread across the country. Therefore, VR will soon be an everyday thing in India. Hence, keep reading this space to stay updated. Meanwhile, you can also read about the plans of building an AR/VR community by Affinity VR.


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