The Virtual Reality Zone: Hyderabad


Reality has indeed been made real. Smaash is India’s lone Urban Sports Park working with the concept of Virtual Reality Zone in Hyderabad. It has reclassified sports diversion, as well as increased current standards for client engagement. It exhibits an unmatched scope of amusements that offer a superlative virtual-reality experience and consolidates the best of games, music, and eating into a profoundly immersive, intuitive, imaginative and included stimulation encounter.

Some of the main attractions give a first-hand experience on what the VR world can take you into. Some of the main attractions are:


2SMAAASH Cricket – a one-of-its-kind 360-degree cricket test system. It aims at giving the user an experience of what it resembles to play inside a pressed stadium. This innovative technology perfectly replicates the bowling actions of your favorite heroes and creates an atmosphere of an actual cricket match within the arena of the game.


3This game revolves around  being an accomplished pilot need to lead the armada and slaughter the foes. The  enemies launch a Kamikaze style attack on the city, the elite fighter pilots are summoned to kill the enemies to finish the mission. Though this game does not use oculus in the gaming experience, it does give you a Vr experience with the placement of the screens and other effects.


Finger coaster Finger coaster is physics-challenging roller coaster ride built by your fingertips. It is a part of the Virtual Reality Zone –built by the user himself. The Oculus-based attraction is one of its kind in Hyderabad and gives the user a first-hand experience on Oculus.


FlymaxThis virtual reality experience lets you spread your wings and have an aerial delight  of the beautiful valleys and mountains you are transported into,  adding a whole new dimension to virtual reality. This virtual reality technology works on the thrill of extreme hang gliding. The user is in the air with the help of belts strapped to his body so as to be as near to the virtual world as possible.


Vr walk This experience is a  dizzying 50 feet fall on either sides and villainous monsters in your way. This virtual reality as it takes the thrill quotient several notches higher. The user is made to wear an oculus device so as to cut you off from the real world and give the user an immersive experience.

Hence if you want to stop by and experience a completely different world in this existing world of ours, Then stop by at the Inorbit mall Hyderabad and be the new generation kid.


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