vTime is now available on Google Daydream


When social media and VR comes hand-in-hand, the result is amazing. This is what vTime did when it was released, and took the world by storm. Moreover, it is compatible in various platforms including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc.And now, vTime takes it a notch up by releasing a Google Daydream-compatible version.

Latest developments of vTime

Their latest release makes vTime one of the most widely available social media platform in the world. This free platform is available across all the popular VR devices as well as iPhone. The working is pretty simple in here. Just like Facebook, you could search and send friend requests to other users. The main attraction is their VR compatibility, which enables you to chat in an immersive environment. You can create your own virtual avatar, and chat in various locations such as a space station, a roof top overlooking the Eiffel Tower etc. This all you can do in face-to-face video chat and people surely love it!

With their basic features such as private chat and sharing photos, vTime has introduces a slew of features to make the platform more enticing. Now content creators are welcomed on board to create VR-inspired content. In future, you will see multitude of VR entertainment such as a podcast or maybe a talk show video. The app’s latest early access has another interesting feature which vloggers would like. You can use your 360 degree camera and record videos which could be uploaded in the public library for viewers.

There are further exciting updates coming soon which could make vTime a great tool for social media interaction and marketing. The team confirmed that the app will be available in all major platforms, including HTC Vive as well. This is a great feat for vTime which has been released over a year ago, and users are pleased with the latest developments in it. All in all, we are waiting for vTime to grow until it becomes one of the most popular VR apps to come into existence.



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