Windows Holographic VR headsets to arrive in 2017


CES had a lot of new technologies on display. So it was natural that one of the biggest tech companies in the world shows its own products in the event. The newest VR platform to come to the fore is Windows Holographic platform. With Microsoft in the league with Google (Daydream) and HTC (Vive), it is to be seen who wins the battle of titans this year.

More about Windows Holographic platform

2016 has been a great year for VR. But seeing the upcoming releases of 2017, 2016 can be called a warm up for VR. CES 2017 has been primarily focused on everything smart and VR. Multitude of VR startups and tech bigwigs came in together to show their creation. In one of the biggest news in the event, Microsoft stepped its foot in the VR and introduced the new Holographic platform.

Some of the first VR headsets to use this platform are Windows loyalties themselves. Acer, 3Glasses, Dell, HP, and Lenovo have announced their VR headsets for 2017, so we are going to see great competition in the market. Windows Holographic seems to be the VR alternative to Microsoft previous AR-enabled HoloLens visor. Microsoft had announced that Holographic platform will be built into every copy of Windows 10. So any developer keen on entering VR/AR world could build hardware on Windows Holographic. And be assured because the APIs will be available universally  for all WIndows user.

The sneak peaks of the hardware are impressive as of now. Lenovo‘s headset has a flip-up face interface and a head harness which is new in the market. A commonality in all the devices are the front-facing, dual camera sensors for inside-out tracking. The designs look super cool, and seems like a highly competitive market is going to come in 2017. Till now it is known that the lowest priced will be at $300. But a lot is yet to come in terms of specs and we can’t wait for their release soon!


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