Apple decides to invest in Augmented Reality after Pokemon Go’s Success


After the overnight success of Pokemon Go, Apple has finally planned to invest in Augmented Reality. Presently working on Artificial Intelligence (AL), the company’s CEO Tim Cook made this big announcement. In a press meet, Tim Cook told the media that AR is supposedly “huge” right now. At the same time, he’s still doubtful about AR being the next computing platform.

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Apple’s Next Big Move

Apple has set a benchmark and is actually more popular than Android. There are more chances of people adopting the apps endorsed by iOS quicker than the same endorsed by Android. Whether the company is going to  support AR full time, or invent an app based on it remains unclear. Earlier, it had acquired a number of AR companies like Metaio, Faceshift and more. Tim Cook has also told the media that the team has discovered a way to balanced between progressing in AL and maintaining the user’s privacy simultaneously.

As we all know, Apple is not a fan of adopting new technology until it has proved itself . So the company’s idea to invest in Augmented Reality is definitely a shocker as it hasn’t been long since the massive success of Pokemon Go. According to many reports, the company is more inclined to and interested in AR than VR. This announcement was made during the discussion of the third financial quarter. Earning $42.4 billion in revenue, Apple has witnessed 15% decline compared to previous year. After Apple’s Transparent look of their next device, this is considered to be one of the biggest announcements related to AR.

Apple's transparent look for their next device model.

Apple’s transparent look for their next device.

Rumored to have also been working on self-driving cars, Apple has decided to be secretive about its work.Keep All we can do now is wait for the company’s next announcement and wonder how Augmented Reality can be implemented by it. Keep reading this space to learn more about the advancement in the field of Augmented Reality.



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