Apple goes the AR way; ditches VR for broad applications


Apple is known for ushering new technology in the world. From  personal computer to smartphones, Apple has done it all. So after recent success of iPhone 7, the interviewers were curious. What new is the tech giant planning for the future?

Apple CEO, Tim Cook dropped the biggest hint of Apple’s new venture. In the ongoing battle between AR and VR, Cook made it clear that Apple will invest in AR. With Google on one side going big with VR, the Apple boss believes ‘there is no substitute for human contact’.

Furthermore Cook is apprehensive about the potential of VR, saying that its application is limited compared to AR. The company has echoed this statement throughout its media appearances, thus suggesting that we may see more of AR applications from Apple. Pokemon Go is one of the biggest examples of AR success on iOS, and more are paving the AR way in apps as of now.

Apple’s giant leap towards AR

For those prying on new AR-enabled Apple products, you are in for disappointment. The company is tight-lipped on its AR strategy in its secretive Apple-style. But the recent acquisitions does show that Cook isn’t prancing around with its AR dream. Motion capture specialist Faceshift and German AR firm Metaio are under Apple’s wings now, which shows work has started in this field. Additionally, Apple has filed numerous new patents on advanced computer vision, transparent displays and VR systems. Apple has in-house research going on AR and is poised to release new AR products in the future.

Will AR finally get its share of fame over VR?

This is a good news for the tech world. Ideally, VR and AR aren’t related concepts and they should never be pitted against each other. So when tech giants equally invest on these concepts, it is a huge boost for upcoming future. AR has taken a backseat thanks to VR’s eye popping application. But now when Apple has taken the reign, we could expect some mind-boggling gadgets and applications like Apple always delivers.

So welcome to the AR team Apple, the tech world wishes you all the luck!


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