Why AR is the Future of Business, not VR?


 VR and AR, these technologies are alike but have their own differences. There are two technologies that have been matched against each other to capture the public’s hearts, minds, and Tech Giant’s wallets.

Virtual Reality

The user is able to interact with his/her world. By wearing a headset, and sometimes gloves and footwear. In order to enable the user’s movements to be projected into the virtual world. The user interacts directly with objects in the virtual world. Virtual Reality creates a whole new world for the user by excluding the real world. And by synthesizing a new environment of sight and sound, sometimes with no resemblance to anything known.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality works differently in that the user may not necessarily wear a recognizable headset. Although this is the case in most industrial applications. Its main aim is not to exclude the real world but to augment it. This is commonly achieved by overlaying graphics. Sometimes 3D graphics, onto the user’s vista and the ‘objects’ and the user interact using reality as a palette.

AR over VR

AR over VR

AR features no interruption. Instead of allowing people to take in the world around them without ignoring it. Augmented Reality can also facilitate interaction with other people and with objects. Leading inevitably to more and wider real-world applications for the technology. One ‘benefit’ of VR is that it is all-encompassing. Effectively shutting out the real world and creating a virtual one. However, people’s lives have become so hectic that using VR may represent a significant and unwelcome interruption.


AR is probably most widely known as the technology behind the 2016 release of Pokemon Go. This game was aimed at the entertainment market, where users attempt to catch fictional Pokemon characters in real-world locations. This was so successful in that it saw more than $7 billion added to Nintendo’s market value as the title topped gaming charts in the US within the short period of 1 week.

And, also with Apple going the AR way, looks like many of the biggest companies in this field and market are going to follow suit.



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