Augmented Reality Visors being developed by European Scientists


As predicted by Tim Cook, AR is expected to be the next big revolution. Therefore, it is expected to race the Smartphone wave in the near future. Now Scientists in Europe are developing AR Visors. These visors are simultaneously implementing photonics technology as well. The motive of the surgical visor is to improve the accuracy of interventions and displaying anesthetic and medical data as well. This is done meanwhile the superimposition of a patient’s X-Ray. As a result, the surgeons will never have to look away during an operation or a surgery.

AR Visors- To improve accuracy of surgical interventions

VOSTARS is the name given to the AR Visors. VOSTARS- Video Optical See- Through Augmented Reality Surgical System. These visors are Head mounted display systems. Furthermore, they can superimpose the X-ray images of the patient in perfect 3D unison with their respective anatomy. The patient’s anesthetic data like heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure etc. Through this, the time spent in the operation is reduced by 11% at least.

These VOSTARS will look exactly like facing the smartphone camera. It records and films moving images and merges this footage with the patient’s respective medical images from CT Scan or MRI.  Furthermore, the central processor of the VOSTARS utilizes the most advanced registration techniques. As a result, a real-time hybrid image is displayed on the visor’s dashboard.

The team developing AR Visors

Meanwhile, the VOSTARS scientists are building a hybrid of two already existing AR headphones. Therefore, this will be more beneficial as it consists of features of both VST as well as OST Mounted display. Microsoft Hololens is an example of VST while Oculus Rift is an example of OST. The VOSTARS team also plan to be ready with the working prototype of the hybrid device by May 2018.

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