Augmented Reality for Cars coming soon


Yes! You heard that right. Augmented Reality will soon be implemented in Car technology. Volvo and Mercedes being the top Car Manufacturing companies have announced their partnership with Microsoft. The partnership aims at exploring the automotive uses in Holo Lens by implementing AR.

More than 11 million cars are expected to be integrated with AR technology according to a recent research by ABI. Informed and less distracted driving are the main features of the new project apart from safer driving. AR will be implemented by displaying the painting of the navigation on the head up. A safety warning pops up on car’s windshield on any kind of danger. For example, if a bus is nearing your car. Before turning these theories into reality, a number of challenges are yet to be overcome.


Challenges to overcome before implementing AR in Car Technology

  1. Capturing Road Geometry and Implementing it.
  2. Vehicle Positioning up to precision.
  3. Laser Projection.
  4. Viewing and monitoring driver field.
  5. Generating precise augmentation and designing algorithms.

When AR gets into car technology,the number of sensors and other systems on board will be increased automatically. Providing timely information to the driver is the key feature of the Partnership. Social newsfeed and Ad popups on the windshield is the main drawback of the project. These Popups can create a lot of distraction and divert driver’s mind. Hence, only necessary and relevant information must be displayed. Heads up display reduce the risk of accidents and also decreases the response time.

After the innovation of Helmets for navy drivers and Helmets for pilots, AR in car technology can be a massive success. Have a look at how Hololens work to understand the concept of heads up display and here’s how AR can reduce driver’s distraction with head-up display-



Apart from heads up display, Augmented Reality Manuals are the other usage of AR in cars. Augmented Reality is expected to redefine the driving experience in the coming years. When it comes to car technology, VR is not far behind either. Faraday Future is designing vehicles using VR and Vroom has been working upon VR showrooms. These are the few examples of implementation of VR in the technology of cars and other automotive sectors also.

Also keep reading this space and know more about such new innovations and implementation of AR and VR in various fields of technology.



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