Baahubali 2 finally ushers VR in Indian film market


Movie-makers of India has finally woken up to VR technology. In one of its first attempts, ‘Baahubali 2’ makers tied up with a US-based VR company to give one of a kind VR experience to the audience.

Baahubali 2 experiments with VR and VFX

Known for its grandeur, the filmmakers will give a first look in the ongoing festival of Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI). The audience will be given the VR headgear. They could tour the Baahubali 2 sets and have a 360 degree view of the same. The VR technology will give a real life-like experience where you could view places as per your own will. This is the first time the first look of a film is given a VR edge.

The experimentation for the filmmakers don’t stop here. The makers Arka Media Works has teamed up with US-based AMD, a VR-related company. The producers will have even bigger teaser for April 2017 release, and says that VR will play a big role for that extraordinary experience. Baahubali, the first film had amazing VFX and after-effects which wowed the audience.  Baahubali 2 will not be denied with a great VFX to back up their film.

Will VR and Indian movies work?

This is the first time a film has officially worked with VR in India, and this trend may catch on in the future. Going beyond VFX, VR/AR is the next big thing for movie-viewing experience. But advancements in VR technology are prompting movie-makers to invest in this arena. Furthermore, VR is an intriguing concept for a huge audience. Especially for a country obsessed with movies, VR’s biggest success could be via movie viewers of this country.

Thus, Baahubali 2 is to be applauded for their herculean efforts . Bringing new technology is a huge risk;  the chances of success and failure are 50-50. But given their ambition, Baahubali 2 may go down in the Indian film history to introduce VR in mainstream movie.

So wishing the best to Baahubali 2, can’t wait for the release of the first teaser!


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