Can Machine learning be used in the AR industry?


Honeybot teaches a kid using AR, Designed by Chinese tech company Hui Yu. With the advent of deep learning and neural networks, machine learning has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Google translation has attained human level translation capabilities and Alpha Go has managed to beat the most talented player in Go game, which is considered the most difficult game for a computer to master. Now the big question is “Can Machine learning to be used in the Augmented reality industry?”. In this post, we will look at how machine learning can possibly be used in augmented reality.


AR with the help of big data

With the proliferation of data, Big data is increasingly used by companies all around the world to serve interests according to the customer, In Augmented reality, Big data is going to play a very major role in-

  • Analyzing the user environment and reaching conclusions from pre-existing data.
  • Data can be analyzed from an AR device in real-time by using smart algorithms. For Example, pattern recognition and computational learning theory.Machine Learning can be used in AR Industry?

    Machine learning can be used in teaching-  

  • 80% of the information that the brain processes is visual. Augmented reality is therefore very suitable to enhance learning capabilities and help students with learning disabilities.It is a myth that Augmented reality is untenable for schools.AR can be used to transform the classroom environment with a motley of apps. Currently, there are also a number of environments where Augmented reality is used ranging from labs to field trips. Furthermore, it is practically untenable for companies to hire people to satisfy individual customers. With the help of machine learning, the machine itself learns through recursive behavior. It also learns a colossal amount of data with a few human corrections.

    Machine learning can be used to stimulate the environment- 

  • Subjects like Anatomy and history, when explored in Augmented reality, can make it really exciting for a student and he/she can grasp the concept a lot better. Imagine a history student witnessing the American revolution come alive with the help of Augmented reality. Also, Cloud computing can be used to stimulate the environment in real time. This is possible considering the reactions of the person wearing the AR device.

Having said that, Machine learning is still in its developing stages, and the possibilities are endless. Here are some websites to definitely look out for AR in education.


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