Challenges of VR in education system


It is a known fact that VR will be beneficial for the entire planet. Almost all fields could benefit from VR. Be it agriculture, consumer market or education sector; VR could increase their productivity. But there are certain challenges which may arise out of their use. VR is still nascent, and it may affect each sector in an undesirable way.

Education sector and technology

Education sector of India has evolved and continues to evolve. New technology is introduced in student’s life to help them learn. Google is one of the greatest gift to the education sector. Without internet students wouldn’t have had access to the outside world. Therefore, we owe a lot to our PCs and tablets for what we know of today.

VR is the next big thing in the tech world. Only an ignorant will say VR cannot have a market like PC or smartphone. So it is evident that VR will infiltrate the education sector too. But what kind of challenges could VR face in this sector?

Key Challenges of VR in education

Affordability is the first challenge. With many countries of the world struggling with economies, setting up VR ecosystem is a challenge. It takes a good infrastructure and equipment to set up a truly immersive beneficial environment. And with the current costs of VR technology, it is a long way before VR could become a staple in schools.

The second challenge could be technical know-how. VR isn’t simple or intuitive technology for the first timers. There are countries where computer skills are missing among teachers and students. So VR developers should keep in mind about tech illiterate population for VR to truly shine in education circle.

The last challenge is the lack of content. VR content developers are recently coming up, and it will take time before we find relevant VR content for our use.But with launches of HTC Viveport and Google Daydream, the days are not far where we could see great educational content for the students.


VR has no doubt an immense potential. But currently, VR isn’t at that stage where it could replace conventional technology. So development should be aimed to make VR intuitive, affordable and content-rich for the students and teachers to benefit.


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