Some cool ideas for apps in Augmented reality


Content is everything. Google’s Appstore has nearly 2.5 million apps and Apple is not far behind. So what does this mean for Augmented reality?. If Augmented reality really needs to impact the majority of the audience it needs to create awesome content and awesome AR apps. The kind of content that improves the life of people and that makes you visit the app again and again. Here in this post, I will suggest some ideas for apps in AR-

AR apps to revisit important dates

It would be really cool to visit historic events in Augmented reality almost similar to time travel. It would also be nice if someone narrates the events in real time.


In addition to educating us, It would also be entertaining to us. Imagine Captain America coming to life in front of us.

Google translate AR app


Being an avid reader, I use Google translate to deduce complex words and erudite phrases. But how cool it would be to translate phrases in real time by using glasses. Google translate still requires manual input and it gets quite frustrating sometimes. Translation is a big business. From tourists to scholars, translation apps are used widely as the world shrinks rapidly.

AR apps for playing sports

In the show Big Bang theory, Leonard spends a lot of time playing tennis in AR. How cool would it be if apps were released in our game of choice in AR? Pokemon Go has made it trendy. It is time to make it mainstream. AR is the next big thing in the gaming industry, Why not extend it to sports?.

Helping visually challenged people

For people with poor vision, Augmented reality is indeed a boon. From providing visual cues to giving specific information about a place, Augmented reality can really change the way visually impaired live. Some companies such as Intel are already working on AR devices for the visually impaired, and I can’t wait to see how powerful this technology could one day be to the people who need it most.

For research purposes

Augmented reality apps can be used for researching the human body. Augmented reality can also be used to create drugs and see how they react with the human body in real time via AR. There are already many labs that used AR for research purposes. But with the mainstreaming of Augmented reality, we expect even common people to access AR apps to analyse.



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