Creatures- Augmented Reality App launched by Pantomime


Pantomime is one of the many corporations and companies contributing to AR technology. Creatures- An AR App has been unveiled today by the company. The app implements shared Augmented Reality which provides realistic multiplayer 3D interaction. Furthermore, Pantomime is based out in Sebastopol, California and is aims towards providing the best interactive graphics. The company has also come up with a way to view or experience Virtual Reality without wearing VR goggles.

Pantomime Creatures App

Pantomime Creatures App

The AR App was launched by the company today for iPads and iPhones. A new kind of Augmented reality can be experienced as it provides first-person 3D interaction which makes. Meanwhile, Network Augmented Reality being merged with Real-time physics is the key feature of Creatures AR App. Apparently, the company argues to be more advanced than PokemonGo’s version. Here’s what the Cofounder and CEO of Pantomime, David Levitt has to say- “Pokémon GO launched a new era where Augmented Reality isn’t about costly headsets or vision processing. Now Pantomime Creatures AR lets anyone interact in 3D, turning our phones and tablets into paddles and scoops for magically augmented worlds. Since no new hardware is required, these consumer experiences will continue to be the largest and fastest growing augmented reality markets.”

Real-Time 3D, Synchronous multiplayer and realistic Physics are the key features of the App. You can either use phones or tablets to view a 3D-animated world along with virtual objects from it. Any object you hold in front your device’s camera will show up in the virtual world. With the advance setup, Users can throw, tip, tumble, walk by just tapping the screen. Mainly being focussed for kids, Creatures has a virtual cup that can be attached to your device. This cup can carry creatures and food which can be later shown in the virtual world.

Meanwhile to learn more on Creatures AR App, watch this video-

While AR and VR are both expected to become $120 Billion in the market by 2020, there are a number of ways to experience it. There’s also another way to experience VR without the use of VR Goggles about which you can read in our earlier post.


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