CyberPower Inc. creates entry-level VR PC with Oculus


There is a great news for all those looking for VR experience without burning their pockets. CyberPower Inc., a custom PC manufacturer has dropped an Oculus Ready gaming system. This system is named ‘Gamer Ultra VR Desktop’. And it is created with partnership of AMD and Oculus to focus on entry level VR PCs that could potentially build a huge market.

Technology always wins when it comes cheap. If anyone studies the revolution of technology, they would see that the consumer market grew as technology became cheaper. Hence, CyberPower Inc. took the right way in building the still untapped consumer market. The Ultra VR Desktop is priced at $1,099 which also includes Oculus Rift headset. Since the Rift costs $599, that means effectively the PC is priced at $499.

About CyberPower’s latest Ultra VR Desktop

The Ultra VR Desktop scrapes through the bare minimum for a Rift-compatible system. This comes with 4.2 GHz AMD FX 4350 CPU and 4GB Radeon RX 470 graphics card. This is slightly lower than the recommended specs for a smooth Rift experience which tells of AMD Radeon RX 480. This is not that bad for someone who will just start out with their VR experience, and is looking for a low cost investment.

Furthermore, the new feature introduced by Oculus at Connect 3 opens the door for low-end GPUs. For a smooth VR experience the frame speed should be 90 fps., But according to the new feature of Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW), the judder caused by GPU flailing with higher fps can be resolved. It happens by cutting the VR app’s frame rate by 45 fps until the system speeds up again to handle 90 fps. This means that hardware companies could compromise on the minimum specs without raising the price.

The company claimed that both CyberPower PC and Oculus have thoroughly tested the system and found it fit for Oculus Rift. But you shouldn’t expect this to work with every other headset in the world. Every headset has different minimum specifications  and it could lag in performance while being used with Ultra VR Desktop. Anyways, this is a great initiative by both CyberPower Inc. and Oculus to tap in an explosive market. And hopefully it will come up with a great response by the people.


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