Detecting cancer with Google’s AR Microscope


In an earlier post, you had read about Google bringing out the best of India with VR “Incredible India” videos. Similarly, Google has shown its interest towards Augmented Reality. This technology has been making huge differences since recently in the field of health and life sciences also. In the meanwhile, Google has developed an AR Microscope that is capable of Detecting cancer at an early stage. The Microscope uses AI to firstly detect the cancer cells and then highlight them through the extracted images of the human tissues. Read on to more about Google’s AR Microscope.

Google's AR Microscope

Google’s AR Microscope to Detect Cancer cells

At the annual meeting of American Association for Cancer Researchers, Google’s Augmented Reality Microscope was first mentioned. During the meeting, Google unveiled and described the prototype of their Augmented Reality Microscope Platform. The Augmented Reality Microscope allows itself to be retrofitted into already existing light microscopes. Hence, a lot of resources can be saved by just modifying a light microscope and transforming into an AR Microscope with the help of a few components alone. Here’s what Google’s AR Microscope looks like-

Furthermore, Google’s ARM involves a variety of the latest technologies. Machine learning is one of the key features of this application which also involves deep learning. Meanwhile, two different types of cancers can be detected using the device currently. Breast cancer detection algorithm and prostate cancer detection algorithms are being used as the ARM is configured to be. Also, no additional re-training was required during the process of detection. Google believes that ARM can make a remarkable global health impact especially for the diagnosis of major infectious diseases.

Also, Keep reading this space to stay updated on Google’s Augmented Reality Microscope. You can also read more here. Meanwhile, you can also read about The impact of Augmented Reality in the Healthcare Industry.

Google's AR Microscope


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