EduRidge – How an AR/VR Start-up in the student community is changing the game


We all have heard of Start-ups as the Indian Start-up fraternity is one of the most vibrant in the world. AR/VR Start-ups in India are gradually gaining pace and traction with many start-ups blistering with new ideas.
Then, comes EduRidge. India’s first and only Start-up in the student community making waves of innovation in VR development and training.

A 4th year engineering student from Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, B. Saurav started it in May 2018 along with his friends who happen to be the core team. Ramya (Community Manager), Priyanka (PR), Nikhil (HR & Marketing) with an ambition to build the strongest AR/VR student community across Hyderabad and then India. EduRidge now is a team consisting of young students who want to bring in new tech to the current batch of students pursuing degrees in science, technology, and engineering. “The idea is to bridge the gap between the current education system and the industry right now.” said Saurav in an interview with us.

Being such a new company, the team runs on a motto –
 “Our Mission is to enrich and impart diligent Education in the most ideal and efficient way. Thus, the name EduRidge, Education and Ridge ( Peak ).” And our Vision is to, ” Create a superlative impact and have the consistent motto, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. “

The company started out with self-investment but due to the success, they were taken by Archimaze as their training partners. Archimaze who happens to be one of the leading AR/VR companies in India and Dubai went scouting for a bunch of innovative minds and stumbled upon EduRidge. The best part is that both companies share the same mission thus making it easier for them to work and harder for the other comanies to compete.

Training has been the most vital part of EduRidge’s growth. From conducting workshops and masterclasses to workshops in Engineering and Architecture schools, these guys at EduRidge have come a long way, very fast. But is this all they do? Training? “We are also working on various Projects with companies such as Michigan State University, SAP Co -innovation lab, and a few undisclosed but coming soon projects.” hinted Saurav.

Follow EduRidge though their website and social channels to stay updated to all the news and upcoming events.

At the close of the year, we would like to conclude saying – Eduridge is rated as the finest AR/VR start-ups of 2018 and look out for them in 2019.


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