Extended Reality (XR) – Beyond AR and VR


For all those wondering what lies ahead of AR and VR, we have an answer. It is Extended Reality or the XR. Extended Reality is a combination of real-virtual environments and human-machine interactions. This combination is generated by Computer technology along with wearables. XR consists of representative forms such as Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), and Augmented Virtuality(AV). Furthermore, the areas around these forms are also included. From partially sensor inputs to Immersive Virtuality, there are a number of levels and wide variety in the virtuality provided by Extended Reality.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality and its Applications

Extended Reality is a superset of all the technologies which range from completely real to completely virtual. It is a real virtuality continuum as proposed by Paul Milgram. Furthermore, the connotation of this lies among the experiences of humans especially focussing on the senses of existence (VR) as well as the acquisition of cognition (AR). With the consistent development in the field of human-computer interactions, this concept is still in its evolving stages.

A number of devices can be directed by humans through completely separate physical spaces in real times. Flying drones, Surgical robots, Undersea exploration crafts are examples of such devices. XR can play a major role here.

With the increasing scope for AR and VR, we can soon expect XR to step into the market very soon. Therefore, keep reading this space to know more about Extended Reality(XR) which is slowly evolving to make major changes. Meanwhile, you can also read about Top Real Time Content Developers.



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  1. I love the term xr as an umbrella term bringing all realities together under the one term thus creating less public confusion and having to go xplain what each one does individually all they need to know is xr will offer a reality based experience.

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