FOVE 0 to become first commercial eye-tracking VR headset


Different possibilities of features came by since the inception of VR. But the most popular and anticipated one was eye-tracking. Eye-tracking technology enables your device to track movement of your eyeballs and take appropriate actions. This idea became a massive hit among the VR gamers whose experience may be taken a notch up especially in first person games. On this FOVE created FOVE 0, the world’s first commercially available eye-tracking VR headset.

Eye-tracking was seemingly next-gen until FOVE came into the picture. This company has a fairy tale startup story. Their idea swooped over $480,000 in Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, a good head start. They were given an undisclosed amount from Samsung Ventures to add icing over the cake. 2016 saw FOVE raise a $11 million Series A investment round for commercial production of this device.

About FOVE 0 and its features

FOVE 0 is priced hefty at $599 and lists shipping from February 2017. But given the technology VR enthusiasts won’t shy away from this device. FOVE 0 will be compatible with the popular SteamVR, where users could play over 250 titles available. It comes with a nifty tracking camera and a VR headset and seems sleek and easy to use.

Another quirky fact about FOVE 0 is: there will be two colors available for pre-order. While the white version will be continued after pre-order, the black is exclusive and FOVE will stop selling it after January. The reason is unknown and interesting, considering that most VR headsets stick to black. But pretty sure no one will complain with such great features packed in it.

FOVE 0 may just revolutionize as to how we experience VR. And integrating eye-tracking in VR experience could increase its applications. Not only games, eye-tracking plus VR could be applied in field of medicine, fitness and even sports. It is a good news for the VR world for releasing a commercial eye-tracking VR headset. Let’s see how its application will extend beyond gaming in the near future.


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