Fox Sports partnered with LiveLike, aired MLS Cup live in VR


When sports meet technology, the result is spectacular. This is demonstrated by the new milestone in the VR application wherein you can watch sports live via VR. MLS Cup, one of the popular events in America will now be broadcast-ed live in Fox Sports’ channel and dedicated VR app.

Fox aired the Toronto FC and the Seattle Sounders on their channels. But given that soccer isn’t popular in USA as much as Europe, they decided to go VR. The fans watched the match on Fox Sports’ VR app on iOS, Android and Gear VR which is pretty amazing. If you don’t have the VR headset, no worries. Your device is more than enough to give the 360 degrees experience.

How will Fox Sports & LiveLike stream in VR?

Fox Sports had partnered with LiveLike to bring this amazing initiative to reality. LiveLike added the flavor of you viewing from the stadium itself. So unlike other VR streaming apps, you will be taken to a private suite on the launch of the app. Moreover, you can change your viewing angles to watch the match in any perspective. This is much more innovative and interesting than the floating screen most VR streaming apps employ.

MLS Cup is just the start for the Fox Sports app. You can also watch multiple games in the similar private suite like setup from the app. The upside is they don’t have to be shot in VR, because you will essentially watch it on the screen inside the suit.Hence every match can be aired live in the VR format. You will only need a login for this, and voila! your own virtual reality screen on your palms.

This move could potentially bring more networks to switch to VR. The growth of VR is undeniable in the present times. And what is better than viewing your favorite movie or a live show in a virtual reality setup? Now a big thumbs up to Fox channel for this!


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