Last week’s VR news – The Good, bad and the ugly


As the weekend arrives, let us take some time to look back at the virtual reality news that was trending last week. Well, let us start with the good things first

      The Good VR news’

  • Microsoft just released a headset that costs $299. This is definitely amazing news for the VR fans whose hopes were raised after this announcement. It is yet to be seen if the technology can match that of the leading players now, but it is definitely a great start
  • Virtual reality has entered the music industry. This week Avenged Scavenfold has revealed that will change the way we view music concerts. The California metal act will perform the first-ever event of its kind show, inviting fans around the globe to strap on and place themselves on stage right along with the band through the use of advanced virtual reality technology made possible through a partnership between Universal Music Group, Capitol Records and VRLIVE.
  • Startup commercializing virtual reality sickness solutions; helps move virtual reality mainstream  Startup Virtualis LLC is commercializing innovations developed at Purdue University that will allow better virtual reality experiences for users, decreasing the effects of VR sickness and increasing the amount of playtime, helping to make the year of virtual reality a reality. This is definitely a welcome announcement for the medical industry and will benefit it in the long term.

    The Bad ones

  • A video that went viral last week exposes some pitfalls of VR A man who appears to be climbing a rock virtually appears to have fallen down miserably. Though it was unintentionally funny, VR companies need to take note to avoid such incidents in the future.

You can check the video here-

       The Ugly

  • Groping in Virtual reality Guardian recently released an article stating an experience of a woman who was groped in a VR game. To be honest, it is just creepy and doesn’t seem right. Companies should take this as a serious concern and make sure everyone enjoys the VR experience.

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