Googly-eyed avatars imagined by Google in VR’s Future


Daydream- the developing VR platform of Google, revealed two of their new experiences that can pave their way into mobile. Google’s engineers are now trying to tackle the problem on “How to represent users in the virtual space”. The latest invention- Googly Eyes is just the right solution for this problem.


Demonstrations on Googly-eyes by Daydream Labs 

The first demonstration by Daydream will be its latest experiment which includes the “copresence” factor that is a multiplier which can amplify any immersion into a VR experience. Bowling on a flat can be controlled by a single remote controller. You can also keep an eye on your co-players while you wait for your turn.

The other makes use of two controllers wherein which appear to be PSVR controllers but are HTC VIVE controllers. The palm grip buttons on the sides make the controllers look similar to PSVR controllers with different virtual shapes.

Rob Jagnow, Google’s VR software engineer explained in a recent blog post, that VR avatars can be simplified. He demonstrated the puzzle using a pair of clips. One of the clips involves a psychokinetic Bowling game and the other clip shows the demonstration of a simple jigsaw puzzle. Watch these clips below to understand how Googly eyes work-

Google is now looking forward with a new initiative that’s beyond Samsung’s Gear VR that is smartphone favorable. Google is all set to come up with many more of such fun-filled experiments and will demonstrate them to the public as and when the progression is being made.


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