How can AR be used in the healthcare industry?


Healthcare industry is a huge industry with constant evolution. It is an industry with little room for error throughout the treatment cycle. Treatment cycle typically starts with diagnosis. As a result, the industry is constantly on the lookout for new gadgets and technology to make the healthcare providers’ lives simpler.

Here are some possible areas in which Augmented reality can be used in the healthcare sector.

Treating a motley of phobias

Human beings are subjected to a laundry list of phobias present in the human immune system. Augmented reality can be used to treat people’s insecurities and phobias. The patient can be made to experience them repeatedly in a controlled and virtual manner, in the process making them immune. This is a suitable solution for the unsolved puzzle in healthcare. The phobias have puzzled some of the best minds in the medical industry.

Finding lifesaving devices

When an artery blockage takes place, the brain’s functionality rapidly decreases and in such situations, an augmented reality device will be immensely useful for the patient in taking timely decisions that may save his life. Therefore, a defibrillator prescribed by a doctor for the patient can be located easily in case of an emergency by the patient himself or by the persons located in the vicinity with the help of an advanced augmented reality device. Also, the relatives of the patient could open an app and scan across in all directions. Therefore, the app should help in identifying the direction in which the device is present.

AR devices to reduce obesity

The success of “Pokemon Go” is making millions of people go outside in search of the digital avatars reaffirms this.  Furthermore, AR devices can be used by the doctors to motivate the patients to go out in search of physical activity. With the proliferation of these devices hopefully, developers will find a way to attract people to go outdoors.

AR devices in surgeries

Doctors can use these devices to monitor how their drugs induce the reactions in their subjects. It can even be a learning experience for the students involved. Also, when major surgeries take place, these devices help accentuate the errors made by fellow surgeons.  Meanwhile, AR devices can be used to look at reactions that go through a human body when drug doses are given, in real time. This can be done by pre-loading existing data of how drug doses act in the body to the database and the Augmented reality device can extract this data and show it to the doctor in real time for various scenarios.

We know that healthcare is a very important industry worldwide. Therefore, most of the countries spend close to 30% of GDP on healthcare. With the usage of AR devices, healthcare providers can diagnose and treat patients with greater accuracy and efficiency. Hence, an appropriate amount of research in this area can be very beneficial and could pay high dividends.

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