HTC Viveport to offer monthly subscription for VR content


HTC Viveport has dropped a good news for all the VR lovers. Now you could subscribe to their VR content at a nominal subscription fee. By paying this monthly fee you could access the multitude of content HTC Viveport has to offer to its users.

About HTC Viveport and its subscription

HTC Viveport is the biggest competition of Google Daydream as of now. It hosts exclusive VR content for various subjects ranging from education, video, news sport as well as shopping and social media. Some content are exclusively available on Viveport too, such as The Physiology of the Eye (2016) and there are many more to come.

Just like your regular subscription apps, you would be able to access exclusive content on Viveport. They would offer you their curated list of VR apps and you could choose to use whichever you like. This looks very similar to your Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the only difference being its range of content. This is going to be hit among the new users who would want to explore new content after they finish off their free trial with the pre-loaded content.

There are more details to be released by HTC in the near future. Its exact release date and the nominal monthly fee is still a secret. But subscriptions do come with some exclusive and better content which VR enthusiasts will be interested in.

This is a good step for both the developers and consumers. Developers will be able to monetize their apps or its features in multiple ways via subscription. Subscriptions provide better opportunities  to reach out to the select market of consumers. The users will love to see more popular content in VR and interact with it at different levels. VR headset will come into much greater use than it is currently.

You can sign up for Viveport’s subscription services’ free trial via the website. So go on and try Viveport to look at the vast multitude of tailor-made VR content.


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