HTC Viveport M – VR app store for Android


HTC gives VR fans more than what they can bargain for. The makers of HTC Vive has announced that they will  be launching a VR app store in the Android market this year. In the Alibaba’s Cloud annual Computing Conference, Viveport M Store’s revelation raised happy eyebrows for the VR enthusiasts.

HTC’s VR ambitions

HTC aims for their domination in VR ecosystem. Other than their VR headset HTC Vive, the company has VR app store in desktop platform too. Facing competition from Valve and Steam, the Viveport is making a mark in the desktop market. Viveport M can make HTC an all-rounder in the evolving VR ecosystem.

This is a risky move for HTC since VR mobile platform is in a nascent stage, Google has only recently launched its Daydream platform so a stiff competition will ensue between the two. Furthermore, HTC doesn’t have headset compatible with Android, which makes it fairly ambitious to launch Viveport M.

Viveport M is open to  developers as of now, and is expected to go in the market by the end of this year. You can get latest VR apps and 360 degree content from Viveport M. And the best part is you won’t need any Android-enabled headsets; your smartphone is enough.

Ushering the VR market development

This ushers a great time for VR market. Google and HTC aiming for VR ecosystem development, which will prompt other companies to develop their own for the users. VR has a great potential for commercial and personal users, and it is high time the tech giants realise it. Additionally, HTC also announced Viveport Arcade which is a VR content and sales management software for experience centers.

VR developers can finally rejoice with multiple revenue opportunities like these. With more demand for VR content, the market will shift from conventional to immersive experience. It is time to just wait for VR domination which we so long for in the tech world.


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