Experience “Incredible India” with Google’s 360 VR Videos


Incredible India has been a great initiative by the Government of India helping the world explore India. Recently, Google Arts and Culture have partnered with India’s Ministry of Tourism to bring out the best of India. The motive of this partnership is to enhance the experience of traveling with the help of Virtual Reality. For the Global Indian Tourism Campaign, Google has its plans with Virtual Reality. An online series of Google’s 360 VR Videos are being released which will showcase the Beauty of India.

“Incredible India” through Google’s 360 VR Videos

Google 360 VR Videos

India is a country with diverse traditions and variant culture. Every part of the country has its own aura and gives a whole new experience altogether. According to the recent reports, promotional videos are being made with Virtual Reality by Google for “Incredible India”. The 360 Degree VR Video from Google will embark a beautiful journey through this beautiful country. Moreover, Google’s Yi Halo Camera is being used for the 360 degrees VR Video. Yi Halo is Google’s Professional VR Camera. Meanwhile, it is a perfect combination of robustness and high fidelity. Also, every region will have its own background music accordingly. As a result, the aura of every region is felt different, unique and mesmerizing.

Here’s a quick look at the first 360 degree VR Video of “Incredible India” by Google-

You can watch it with Google’s Virtual Reality Cardboard or Virtual Reality Headsets for the right experience.

Many more such videos will soon be released by Google. Furthermore, Indian museums are also a highlight of these videos. This initiative is not only beneficial for the tourism industry but also the VR Market. Keep reading this space to know more about Google’s VR Videos on “Incredible India”. Meanwhile, you can also read about How Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality is being implemented through Tourism in India.



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