India-UK Createch AR-VR Summit at Hyderabad


Gaming and Immersive Tech Summit held in Hyderabad

The Telangana government in association with the UK British High Commission hosted the Gaming and Immersive Tech Summit in Hyderabad.

The Summit took place on Friday, where the state government identified animation, gaming and VFX industry as a key growth engine for the next level of technology exports and employment generation.

“Telangana is committed to create a robust AVCGI ecosystem. The state has been the home for some of the leading animation, gaming and VFX companies and aspires to be a leading creative hub in Asia Pacific region,” a press release read.

It added that the state government vide its image policy conducts Market Development Assistance (MDA) program to promote AVCGI Industry.

The conference was a part of the India-UK creative summit to strengthen the economic relation between both the nations.

15 companies from the United Kingdom visited Hyderabad to explore business opportunities with Telangana Animation, Gaming, VFX Industry.

B2B meetings, networking sessions and product showcase were organized during the summit.


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