Indian Doctors are now treating Cancer using VR Therapy


In earlier posts, we had read about the various applications of VR in the medical field. Well, this technology has advanced so much to a great extent. As a result, Indian Doctors are now using VR to treat Cancer patients. Cancer is now being treated with VR successfully. An engineering graduate from Bengaluru, Pushkar V Kulkarni was detected with cancer recently. This 21-year-old underwent the VR Therapy to get rid of Cancer. Earlier this year in February, two-inch cancerous tumor-like growth was removed from his body through a surgery. Furthermore, after the growth was removed, the physiotherapy required for recovery involved painful exercises. Hence, he was made to undergo this unique Therapy.

VR Therapy for Cancer Treatment

VR Therapy

The VR Therapy was done twice a day. He was strapped and given VR headsets to watch few videos. Even without realizing Pushkar was able to do 13 repetitions of the leg movement. Earlier, he could do only 5 without VR. There was immense improvement observed in just a period of two weeks. Meanwhile, a Bengaluru-based bone cancer specialist, Pramod Chinder has been implementing VR Therapy for one and a half years now. He was the reason behind the speedy recovery of Pushkar. Approximately 400 patients have been treated by Pramod using the VR Therapy. Moreover, the VR therapy reduces the pain by 40%.

Also, this therapy saves up a lot of time and money as well. Cancer patients recovering through the VR therapy, recover much faster than the ones which go through the usual physio sessions. Furthermore, Patients can complete their physio sessions, instead of traveling all the way up to the hospital. Keep reading space to stay updated about the applications of VR in the medical field. Meanwhile, you can also read about how Dementia patients are being treated with the help of Virtual Reality.


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