India’s first AR mobile game launched by Empower Labs


Empower Labs is a Hyderabad based startup that focusses on gaming. They have now launched India’s first Augmented reality-based mobile game called Delta T.


Delta T is a multiplayer online game that integrates gameplay, in-depth plot lines, and real world interaction into one.  It is also said to be India’s first MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The core theme of this game is ‘Time Travel’ where gamers have to play to control the future by altering the present timelines.  Dystopian Futuristic Setting is one of the many ideas behind this game. The main intention of the game is the desire to survive. Survival and Dominance are the ideas of this game.

How to play Delta T?

After downloading the game, the gamer has to log onto Delta T in order to play. The game requires access to use location and GPS  of your device. The point where you enable your location is considered as a beginning point, This way, you can move around the real world and interact with people. Users can also scan for other gamers to play with them in the Gym. The users can now see the battlefield which doesn’t have slight touch without any urban background. Just like Pokemon Go this game requires good connectivity and drains a lot of battery as well. Since the game goals are common, they can be achieved by networking.


By 2020, the global market of  Augmented Reality can reach $120 Billion.According to a research conducted recently, AR mobile games are expected to reach 420 Million Downloads by 2019. As told by the CEO of Empower labs, this game is helpful to promote AR ecosystem interaction. The introduction games into the world have Reality has gained it much more attentive and is ‘Free to play’ as well. This news was first reported by Economic Times

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