A 360 degree interactive workout treadmill-“New Infinadeck”

Working out or doing cardio is the hardest thing to follow in our daily regime. We suddenly become a smartass and come out with most creative excuses to skip the workout. Well, the scenario is about to flip180 degrees with all new 360 degrees VR technology embedded treadmill, Infinadeck.


Infinadeck  deliberately wants to make people feel happy about their workout. With this intention, it offers an omnipresent directional orientation.

Infinadeck ,paired with VR set lets the user explore the immersive and interactive virtual worlds. While the user is having amazing virtual experiences, he actually does beneficial cardio.How cool is that?

Infinadeck comes with high-end intelligence to provide perfect response to the user.As a result, It monitors and reacts to the speed and direction. Overall, the system constantly ensures the safety keeping the user in the center of the deck.

The varieties of experiences it can provide are limitless.For example, You can be a lone soldier on a journey of vengeance or Tarzan, exploring the depth and secrets of nature.Hence, while you’re actually shredding, you can take a walk around Taj Mahal or be a player of your favorite sport.


The size of Infinadeck is pretty neat.

  • Infinadeck is an Omnidirectional Treadmill (ODT),that looks like a standard treadmill with the exception of walking in any direction you want.
  •  The platform is at a height of 16 inches from the ground level with a dimension of 68 inches x 64 inches.
  • This piece of delight is as quiet as 70 decibel which is lesser noise than that of a dishwasher and weighs just 255kgs.
  • It consumes under 1200 watts power and the top speed (average jogging speed) reached in 6 mph.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is for lower power consumption.At the same time, it maintains optimum communication range.
  • The user can use Standard Joystick with optional API for 1:1 motion for input purpose.


Infinadeck has potential target groups in the market.

  1. Obese people, who call for cardio the most can opt this state-of-the-art technology. I personally am pretty sure that you will never skip your regime again.
  2. People find jogging on treadmill boring because of the blank wall in front of them.They can take Infinadeck home for a whole new experience of jogging.
  3. People who want to play their favorite movies and shows along with shredding those love –handles.

Infinadeck was put on display at CES 2016. The response was a colossal hit.

Here is the link for the expo video.

Virtual reality and its applications are on a gorgeous journey. Evidently, Infinadeck is the perfect way to change your health status in the best way possible. In fact, to sum up, Infinadeck is the PERFECT SOLUTION to some unceasing problems.


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