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In an earlier post, we had read about how Snapchat became the world’s first ever Social Platform for Augmented Reality. Since a while, Facebook has also been working towards AR and VR. Now, it’s time for Instagram. Well, who doesn’t enjoy the Augmented Reality filters by Snapchat?! The world has been loving it. Recently, Instagram and Whatsapp added a new update called ‘Stories’ which has been so popular such that the number of Snapchat users have decreased, and the number of Instagram users has increased immensely. Instagram has now rolled out another new update yesterday. The update is the addition of Augmented Reality filters just like the ones on Snapchat.

Augmented Reality Filters by Instagram

Instagram adds Augmented Reality Filters for its users

Looks like Facebook has now completed bringing in most of Snapchat’s filters to Instagram. In the beginning of the, 8 Augmented Reality face filters will be made available to the users on Instagram. Few of these are crowns, rabbit, nerd glasses, wrinkle-free smooth makeup and math equations like filters. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg announced this update on Facebook and here’s what he said- “These kinds of effects are how we’ll experience augmented reality for the first time. This is just the beginning.”

How to use Instagram’s Augmented Reality Filters?

Instagram’s AR face Filters work similar to the ones on Snapchat and are much more simple to use. These filters work well for the front camera and back camera as well. While filming a story, the user has to tap on the new face like icon present at the bottom right corner. The user has to select from the many face filters just like Snapchat and click. Also, individual and group filters are also available in the lot.  What’s cooler? These filters cam be shot in all the modes including the Boomerang mode as well.

A lot of other AR updates are also expected to hit Instagram. So, keep reading this space to stay updated!


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